Monday July 03, 2017

Thomas Quasthoff & Max Mutzke

07.30 pm | Vienna State Opera

This is a high unusual pair: Pop singer Max Mutzke and Opera star Thomas Quasthoff. What they have in common is a love for soul music – at the Vienna Jazz Fest they will be performing it together, accompanied by the great pianist Frank Chastenier.  →

Miles Mosley

09.00 pm | Porgy & Bess

Bassist Miles Mosley was born in 1980 and named after Miles Davis. He is one of the up and coming talents in today’s West Coast jazz scene. Mosley has also performed rock, R&B and hip-hop and has collaborated with, among others, Kendrick Lamar, Jonathan Davis, Kamasi Washington and Joni Mitchell.  →

Roman Schwaller Jazzquartet

09.00 pm | Jazzland

The high quality of Jazz education in Austria is exemplified by talented tenor saxophonist Roman Schwaller who helps pass the spirit of Jazz on to younger musicians. He’ll be on stage with equally talented musicians: oliver Kent on piano, Harald putz on bass and Mario Gonzi on drums.  →