Bryan Ferry

Monday July 6, 2020 | 07.30 pm | Vienna State Opera

Foto: Bryan Ferry MGMT

Since the release of his first record with Roxy Music in 1972, Bryan Ferry has been internationally acclaimed as one of the most innovative and stylish musicians, songwriters and singers to emerge in pop and rock music. Widely regarded as the embodiment of the glamorous and romantic worlds evoked by his songs, Ferry is also lauded as an icon of sartorial and personal cool.

Throughout his career Bryan Ferry has combined American glamour with European sophistication; and in recent years this reputation has been brilliantly confirmed by both his tribute to the songs of Bob Dylan, ‘Dylanesque’,‘Olympia’ – a collection of new compositions and interpretations of songs by other artists, “The Jazz Age” and “Bitter-Sweet” released in 2018.

A former student of Fine Art, and as involved in the visual aspects of his work as he is in the composition and performance of the music, Bryan Ferry has conceived and directed some of the most original, controversial and critically applauded album sleeve artwork of the last four decades.

As an artist and musician, Bryan Ferry possesses the rare distinction of being regarded as both classic and timelessly contemporary – an accomplishment achieved by both his recordings with Roxy Music and the range and intensity of his solo albums.