Jazzfest.Wien History 2017

Thomas Gansch & Harry Sokal

Wednesday June 28, 2017 | 09.00 pm | Jazzland

Fotos: Jazzfoto Prof. Peter Brunner, Jazzfoto Prof. Peter Brunner

June 28 + 29

“I Remember Art”
Both of these local Jazz talents want to honor the memory of the unforgettable Art Farmer. Tenor saxophonist Harry Sokal performed alongside Art farmer on the stage at Jazzland, while trumpeter Thomas Gansch is among the few trumpeters who can play the high notes the way Art Farmer did. When Art passed away, Gansch was still a student of music in Vienna. Performing with Sokal and Gansch will be John Arman on guitar, Martin Kocian on bass and Michal Wierzgon on drums.