JazzFest.Wien 2018 Highlights

Wien Energie-Open Air: Afro Cuban All Stars | 5/8erl in Ehrn | Count Basic

June 30 | 04.00 pm | Wien Energie-Welt Spittelau

20 years ago Juan de Marcos Gonzalez, the singer for the Cuban formation Sierra Maestra, launched the great renaissance of Cuban dance music. He also urged World Records Labels chief Nick Gold to produce a quality album of Cuban music. The result made music history as the Buena Vista Social Club. His Afro-Cuban All Stars bring these legends back together. With the deaths of some of the original musicians, today’s Afro-Cuban All Stars is a four-generation project which is best experienced live as they present a large buffet of Cuban styles ranging from son to rumba, danzon to timba, bolero to cha chacha, salsa to guajira. Check it out!

The air in Vienna apparently contains an odorless poison. How otherwise to explain why young and optimistic young people flock to the Austrian capital and within a short period of time adopt a grim and pessimistic outlook on life? The band 5/8erl in Ehr’n cannot only sing about such a transformation but appears to live it. It begins to get weird when this combo (made up mainly of non-Viennese natives) ponders the male psyche. On their last album, melancholy is practically celebrated as a form of euphoria. And it is a sign of this group’s quality that their tales of deceit have the most beautiful melodies. 5/8erln in Ehr’n is often at their most soulful when they are at their most negative.


Caro Emerald

July 01 | 07.30 pm | Vienna State Opera

Swing, tango, mambo, spiced up with a little bit of electro is the trademark sound of Caro Emerald. Add to this an ample dose of erotic and laconic humor which puts the heroines of her songs in danger but always with a sense of fun.


Norbert Schneider Special

July 02 | 07.30 pm | Vienna State Opera

Norbert Schneider has had several musical lives. For a while he was a blues musician, then a reggae performer, then a light-footed pop artist before he settled in to performing in Viennese dialect. His sense of style has also evolved. Today he performs in good suits and with a trim haircut. For his performance on the State Opera Stage he will condense more than 20 years of career for a special performance accompanied by his terrific band and he will be joined by different guest stars.


Thomas Quasthoff & Big Band Vereinigte Bühnen Wien

July 03 | 07.30 pm | Vienna State Opera

Bass baritone Thomas Quasthoff will perform a special programm with the Big Band of the orchestra of the VBW.


Melody Gardot | Louie Austen

July 04 | 07.30 pm | Vienna State Opera

Melody Gardot has established herself as a singer/songwriter with her fragile ballads. Her first two albums, “Worrisome Heart” and “My One and Only Heart”, contain some of the most beautiful songs since Nina Simone left the stage.

Entertainer and Crooner Louie Austen is an Austrian Legend. His repertoire reaches from Jazz standards by Sammy Davis Jr. and Frank Sinatra to Electronic Music. For the Jazz Fest Wien he will pay tribute to the late maestro of Viennese music Karl Hodina.


Till Brönner & Dieter Ilg - Nightfall | Jazzmeia Horn

July 05 | 07.30 pm | Vienna State Opera

Trumpeter Till Brönner and bassist Dieter Ilg will be perfoming together and will present their new project “Nightfall”. In various constellations, the duo have told thousands of stories from the perspective of jazz and various other traditional music styles. Both musicians lean towards stylistic osmosis. For them no distance is too great in order to get closer. The two will provide an uncompromising performance rich in melodies. An intense and unique collaboration.


Cee-Lo Green

July 06 | 07.30 pm | Vienna State Opera

Cee-Lo Green feierte als Gnarls Barkley einige soulige Welterfolge wie „Crazy“. Seit einigen Jahren firmiert Green, dessen Markenzeichen eine hohe, aber heisere Stimme ist, wieder unter eigenem Künstlernamen.


Corinne Bailey Rae

July 07 | 07.30 pm | Vienna State Opera

From Leeds, England, singer/songwriter/musician Corinne Bailey Rae shot to stardom with her self-titled debut album in 2006, featuring the global hits “Put Your Records
 On“ and “Like A Star”.


Gabriel Royal

July 08 | 09.00 pm | Porgy & Bess

Gabriel Royal. A man, his cello and his voice.


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