Jazzfest.Wien History 2017

Helge Schneider “Solo Spezial” | The Max. Boogaloos

Sunday July 2, 2017 | 07.30 pm | Vienna State Opera

Foto: Helge Schneider MGMT

Helge Schneider

“Good day. My name is Helge Schneider and I want to make you laugh.” And that is exactly what happens when this happy-go-lucky performer combines Jazz with his unique story-telling style. Many of his songs are about a certain type of individual: The middle-aged loser who acts like a brilliant winner. He also sings about places others do not dare to venture such as a cat’s litter box.



This new band project is led by Christian Roitinger (MC Boogaloo) from the Hot Pants Road Club and Markus Ecklmayer. Boogaloos celebrate just what their name says: maximum Boogaloo!

Boogaloo is a music and dance style from New York which had its zenith between 1966 and 1969. It is seen as the link between Hard Bop/Salsa and the emerging Soul-Funk scene as epitomized by James Brown. The group’s collective wish is to get people dancing at even the most exclusive venues. At the Vienna Jazz Fest they’ll be performing on the main stage of the Vienna State Opera.