Online Ticket Info

Information and Instructions about online tickets

JazzFest.Wien offers you the opportunity to purchase tickets online for the majority of its concerts directly via the Jazz Fest Wien website using your credit card.

1. Selecting the event

Find the event of your choice here at the Ticket Center or on the program pages of the website, where events with Online Tickets are marked with this symbol Online Tickets.

2. Ticketing Window

A click on “BUY TICKETS” in the Ticket Center or on Online Tickets in the program pages opens up a second browser window containing the online ticketing service.
The first browser window remains open in the background, so that you can check further program information as needed.
Please note, that the button “Calendar” in the ticketing window offers you the opportunity to select tickets of further events of the Jazz Fest Vienna and to add them to your shopping cart.
If you accept cookies in your browser settings this feature will be available for you.
Please note: You will loose the content of your shopping cart, if you go back to the Jazz Fest Vienna Website during your online ticketing session and press another ticketing link from there.
During the online ticketing session we recommend to use the Jazz Fest Vienna website only for program information! – There is of course no problem to utilize the ticketing links in the Jazz Fest Vienna website for a new ticketing session at a later moment.

3. Ticket Categories and Prices

The ticketing window allows you to select the number of tickets you want form the price categories available there.
Let the instructions in the ticketing window carry you through the purchase process.

4. Payment with Credit Card

For payment for tickets over the internet only credit cards can be accepted.
In case you do not wish to use a credit card you can make use of the many ticket sales offices of the JazzFest.Wien.

5. Delivery by post or deposit

When purchasing tickets online you can have them deposited at the ticket counter at the venue at the evening of the show without extra cost.
You can also select delivery by registered mail where we will charge delivery costs.
In the last days before an event naturally only the deposit option will be offered.

Ticket Info & Help

In case of questions or problems with the online ticket sale please call our Ticket Center +43-1-408 60 30
or send an email to

The ticketing services and processing of online ticket sales for Jazz Fest Wien are responsibly provided by Thom & Wolf GesmbH (1030 Wien, Esteplatz 3/13; Firmenbuchnummer: 105212Z, Handelsgericht Wien)
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